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Classes ranging from puppy to certificate

All dogs accepted! Learn to control your dog, socialize it with other dogs and learn the steps to becoming a certificate ready pooch! Compete in our yearly obedience trial. Beginners to advanced all dogs are welcome!

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Training Days

Classes for all skill levels

Puppy Classes

Socialize your dog, Learn the basics of sit, stay and grow together as a team.

Companion Classes

Take your pooch to the next level with recalls and advanced stays.


Become one as you and your pooch masters the skills to compete at a certificate level.


CCD, Novice, Open and Rally-O trialing classes will prepare you to take on different types of obedience trials




Due to the recent pandemic all training, class intakes and trials will be postponed until further notice!

Dogs Victoria have completely locked down KCC Park! So please stay home and stay safe

If you have any other questions please message the Facebook page or club mobile

We would like to thank all our members for their patience and support

Thank you

Website update

(We are currently updating the website with relevant information for 2020. Please bear with us! if you have any question you can message our facebook page. ( https://www.facebook.com/WPODC/ )