Certificate class

For the ultimate dog. Ready for trials!

class schedule

Certificate Class

Intake and Enrollment

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Training Schedule


  • Heeling – loose lead
  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Drop
  • Weaving, Turns
  • Approach and pat: Leading towards stand for examination
  • Recall on lead
  • Stays on lead: Sit one minute, Down one minute


  • Loose lead heeling on lead
  • Automatic sit, no verbal command
  • Stand, drop, stand for examination on lead
  • Recall on lead with return
  • Stays: Lead on ground
  • One minute sit
  • Two minute down

Green (Trialing class)

  • Healing: On and off lead
    Automatic sit, no verbal command
  • Stand
  • Drop
  • Stand for examination
    off lead
  • Recall with return/finish
    off lead
  • Position Change
  • Stays off lead: Sit two minutes, Down Three minutes


  • Dumbell retrieval
  • Drop on recall
  • Broad Jump
  • Distance Control
  • Handler out of sight stays
  • Group Examination: stays