Rules and Best Practices

Here are a few rules to make our club run well and for better trainingĀ and safety.

  1. As we are on kcc ground we need to follow there rules 1 all dogs must be on lead unless told to take of my instructor all classes
  2. No children under 10 to train dogs and no children at all on ground as if a dog fight we as a club are responabile or if injured only members or children over 10 when training there dogs also its hard for dogs to forus on you if kids around
  3. Only one member at a time to train a dog, if 2 members on membership you can take it in turns as too much of a distraction you are welcome to sit and watch
  4. Please wear covered shoes no thongs or sandels this is a safety thing as if a dog pulls you the ground is lumpy with holes in it very dangerous especially when wet even with shoes on I,ve seen lots of falls
  5. Please watch you dogs even when talking dogs eye ball each other even the most friendly dog dosent like it
  6. Don’t forget to introduce dogs the proper way your dog might be friendly but there are dogs that aren’t always ask the owner if you can say hello.

Suggestions / Best Practices

  • For traing we suggest collars not harnesses other collars martingdale or halite other classes prefer no chockers
  • good things to bring are bug bag for treats and soft treats like fankfurts chicken dog rolls cut up in very small pieces so they can swallow quick thing like liver etc are good but to hard to swallow quickly if your dog is food crazy better not to feed before traing then he,ll pay more attention.
  • Other things most people don’t think of is coats often flap in winter no all dogs like if possible do up so not flapping
  • Please bring a toy and use only at traing leave in car then dogs think that’s there special toy for traing only can be anything a ball soft toy tug toy can be a squaky toy but prefer not as can be distracting for other dogs
  • Please practice each week as instructors put a lot of time into helping you only 5 minutes each day is enough also some instructors might teach a little different basic things are the same it is a good thing because what suits one dog dosent suit other all are different like humans and saying that a lot has changed over the years for the better
  • Any questions, ask your instructor and if they cant help you they’ll ask somebody that might know.