companion classes

This class is intended to be taken after completing puppy class. It will teach your dog advanced obedience techniques such as stay and recall, spins and prepare you for certificate classes. 

class Schedule

Companion Classes

Intake and Enrollment

Companion class intake – 01/09/2024 @ 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM

Training Outline

During  the 7 week course we will cover .

Any dog over the age of 5 months

Dog Socialization, this is important as we need to introduce our puppies in a calm and proper manner to other puppies and dogs and people.

Environmental Conditioning,  This is introducing our puppies to  the world around us . objects,noises and situation we may find ourselves in.

Teach the recall ,name game,focus from distraction sit,stand,drop,position heeling on a lead.

All exercises are taught on lead